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Do you trade weekly options?

Yes, we use monthly, weekly and quarterly options in our trades. Now there’s a difference, using weekly options does not mean trade with 2 days until expiration. We like to keep our duration at least 45 days and don’t like to hold any position with less than 10 days to expiration.

Can I still follow your trades if I work full-time?

Yes, in fact, we teach strategies that don’t require sitting in front of screens all day. We don’t daytrade options, we like slow and steady approach. Boring is good – boring is profitable.

Can non-US residents sign up to your trading group?

Absolutely! In fact, we have many members from all over the world!

How much money do I need to start with?

You may only need $2,000 in your trading account to sell premium. We teach defined risk premium-selling strategies for people with smaller accounts where you can choose your risk and your capital requirement of each trade through strategic strike selection.

Can I trade in an IRA/Retirement account?

You can. All of our favorite trade setups are a defined risk trades and should be fine for retirement accounts.

If I miss Weekly Strategy Call live, will it be recorded?

Yes, all mentoring classes are recorded and archived. You will have access to all previous recordings in the Weekly Strategy Call module.

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